Online Dating Etiquette

Category: Relationships

If you are planning to take the plunge into the world of online dating, you should learn the code of online dating etiquette first; it will save you from wasting time, being disappointed and hurting the feelings of other people. Online dating is not a game. You will ... Read More »

Invitation Etiquette

Category: Correspondence

Knowing the rules of etiquette allows us to feel comfortable and confident in every social situation we encounter. Etiquette is not frivolous; it’s based on common sense. It’s really all about how to get along with other people by treating them the way you would like to be ... Read More »

Family Holiday Q&A

Category: Holiday Etiquette

As well all know, holidays can be tricky for families. It’s the time to make peace, not war, especially since family get-togethers don’t happen every day. But a holiday gathering can sometimes be a minefield, what with off-the-wall family members, conversation pitfalls, gift-giving quandaries, and dietary restrictions. Here ... Read More »