Re-Gift Without Fear

Category: Gifting & Giving

To re-gift or not to re-gift? If you feel that re-gifting is cheap, think again. Being thrifty is being smart. In this economy, re-gifting makes great sense as long as you remove any evidence that the gift was once yours. The last thing you want to do is ... Read More »

Ring in the Holidays With Style

Category: Holiday Etiquette

A gift should reflect the relationship you have with the recipient. Giving a truly great present speaks volumes, but how can you be sure to find the one that will perfectly suit the person you’re shopping for? The following tips are a guide to savvy gift-buying.

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Travel Etiquette for Smooth Journeys

Category: Travel

The world is divided by two kinds of people: those who exhibit good manners and those who exhibit bad ones. Why does it seem that air travel and bad manners are inseparable? Travel should be an adventure, at least that’s how the famous novelist John Steinbeck put it: ... Read More »