Tricks to Remembering Names

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to remember someone’s name. This is a challenge for many people, present company included. Some consider remembering names an art, and an art it is if you’re in the business of sales—recalling names is a large part of your job. Saying a person’s name when you are dealing with them is the key to establishing business relationships. There’s a reason why name tags are issued at most business functions.

Try these tips:

When Your Candidate Loses

The inglorious TV election drama has finally ended. In Left Coast San Francisco, a post-election pall of fog hangs over our city, much like the hanging chads of 2000.

We finally have a president-elect, but he might not be the one you wanted. Now what? A basic rule of etiquette is to never discuss politics or religion at social events, and this election proved why: polls showed that 48 percent of the voters felt disenfranchised by both candidates. It’s no wonder that post-election rhetoric remains strong.

On November 8, it was the people’s choice, and the people chose Donald Trump. It was the biggest political upset in history, and it’s has been hard for many to come to grips with the outcome. But many voters clearly wanted a change, and Trump was the change candidate.

As one proud immigrant recently shared with me: “America is so prosperous. Through every election cycle we go through a mini cleansing. 2016 is no different, but we must unite for the good of the country.”