Holiday Card Etiquette

Category: Correspondence

E-cards are a growing presence on the Internet, but according to statistics they still generate only a fraction of the traffic of paper cards. E-cards are easy to send, they are often well designed, and many of them are free. The downsides of e-cards? They raise electronic security ... Read More »

“Hello, My Name Is…”

Category: Correspondence

Name Tag Etiquette

If you attend cocktail parties or other events where networking is the name of the game, name tags or badge holders can be lifesavers. Providing well-printed name tags is one of the most effective investments you can make if you’re holding a networking ... Read More »

Invitation Etiquette

Category: Correspondence

Knowing the rules of etiquette allows us to feel comfortable and confident in every social situation we encounter. Etiquette is not frivolous; it’s based on common sense. It’s really all about how to get along with other people by treating them the way you would like to be ... Read More »