Food Truck Etiquette

Category: Food & Dining

Food trucks are the newest urban dining trend. They are everywhere these days, in business districts and neighborhoods, in front of art show openings and concerts, at farmers markets, and in parks and parking lots for regularly scheduled food-truck nights. Food-truck grazing is a great, casual, and often ... Read More »

A Dining Cheat Sheet

Category: Food & Dining

Dining manners are not just empty rules; they make dining with others a more pleasant experience for everyone. The next time you dine in someone’s home or in a restaurant, remember your Ps and Qs for optimal dining enjoyment.

The napkin is usually placed to the ... Read More »

Sushi Etiquette

Category: Food & Dining

If you are new to sushi, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed. A seemingly endless array of fish, rice, seaweed, and various accompaniments, often listed on the menu in Japanese, can make you feel lost and unsure how to proceed.

Sushi is a popular delicacy in ... Read More »