Meet Lisa Grotts

Lisa Mirza Grotts, Etiquette Expert

Meet Lisa
Meet Lisa Mirza Grotts, a 23-year authority on etiquette whose work is foundational. Lisa dispenses pearls of wisdom: compassion, consideration, and civility to help her readers and clients deal with business, social, and political situations.  At the core of Lisa’s passion for etiquette is her Assyrian American family who made heart-wrenching sacrifices to live in this country.  When Lisa gives etiquette advice, it’s often based on her family values.

Since the Pandemic of 2020, everything has been reimagined except for polite behavior. As a “new school” etiquette expert, Lisa’s legacy is to honor traditional rules and meld them with the changing times. She not only dispenses the rules of etiquette, she humanizes them. Her approach is to redefine traditional practices and put others on a path of making informed and intuitive decisions. When behavior comes from that level of kindness and respect, it can be powerful and transformative.

In addition to her television, radio, newspaper, and online presence, Lisa authored a manners blog for HuffPost for eight years and is the author of A Traveler’s Passport to EtiquetteShe has been interviewed and quoted by some of the world’s top business and lifestyle publications, including Dear Abby, the New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, The Washington Post, Reader’s Digest, U.S. News & World Report, Authority Magazine, Martha Stewart, and more. 

Lisa is a former Director of Protocol for the City and County of San Francisco, a Certified Etiquette Professional, and a member of the International Society of Protocol and Etiquette Professionals.

“Lisa Grotts can tell you all about how to handle the nuances of super formal events. So go ahead and ask her about place cards, French service and receiving lines.  But what she excels at (and I admire) is how she both honors tradition and keeps it easy-to-understand and 
easy-to-follow for all of us in the twenty-first century.”

Robert Hickey, Deputy Director, the Protocol School of Washington

“Although the challenges we face in today’s work and social settings seem more complex than ever, Lisa’s expert ability to apply and adapt traditional etiquette to modern challenges is marvelous.  Her witty and relevant tips make her a welcome addition to the list of well-known etiquette experts we have revered for generations.”
Leslie Lautenslager, immediate past president, Protocol & Diplomacy International