The Wait Is Finally Over

Welcome to my Online Dining Etiquette Courses! With nine topics to choose from, you will learn how to navigate any dining situation with confidence and grace.

Each course is a tool kit to improve table manners in business and social settings, from dating to dinner parties and beyond.

Whenever you doubt which fork to use, remember that a good impression leaves a lasting one and contributes to positive social interactions. 

For only $59.99 (Less than $6.67 per course!), explore the courses and reserve below:

1. How to Set a Table

Set the tone with proper etiquette and learn the ABCs of how to dress an everyday and formal dining table. Hint: It might seem confusing, but every piece plays an important role in the meal.

2. How to Use a Napkin

A napkin is more than just a piece of fabric. We'll explore how to fold it, use it, and where to place it at the beginning, during, and end of a meal.

3. How to Eat American & Continental Style

American Style involves knife cutting and fork spearing with the “tines” up. Continental eating consists of using a knife and fork throughout the meal with the fork “tines” down. Learn both types of service, how to finesse each, and how to master the silent language of both styles.

4. How to Drink Champagne

Learn tips and tricks for choosing a glass, holding it properly, avoiding lipstick stains, and pairing food.

5. How to Drink White & Red Wine

'Uncork' the secrets of red and white wine to enhance your tasting experience.

6. How to Give a Toast

Raise your glass with charm and confidence. Learn how to give memorable toasts at weddings, birthdays, anniversary and graduation celebrations, business meetings, and family gatherings.

7. How to Eat Bread

Discover how to eat bread, from rolls and bread baskets to breadsticks and crackers. Think tearing, buttering, and the proper use of a butter knife.

8. How to Eat Soup

Whether it's cream soup or consommé, you will learn basic soup dynamics, from how to hold a spoon to correct spoon usage. Plus, elegant soup manners, such as sipping, slurping, and blowing, will be covered!

9. How to Eat Difficult Foods

Eating difficult foods, from spaghetti to soup, can be challenging. Learn how to navigate culinary delights with grace using tools, teeth, and hands.

Thank you for taking this interactive dining journey with me!