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Golden Rules Gal
“You can have everything in the world, but what matters most is your behavior and how you treat other people.”

Meet Lisa Mirza Grotts, a renowned etiquette consultant known as the Golden Rules Gal. As a certified etiquette professional, Lisa expertly blends traditional and modern manners into practical, everyday advice. Whether you are looking for an online etiquette expert or need guidance on lifestyle etiquette, Lisa’s extensive knowledge and experience are at your service.

What Is Etiquette?

Your Online Hub For Lifestyle Etiquette
Etiquette is more than knowing which fork to use at a dinner party. It’s about understanding and respecting the societal rules and norms that guide us in various social and professional situations. Balancing traditional and modern etiquette can be challenging in our rapidly changing world. That is where Lisa can help. 

Why Choose Lisa?

Your Go-To Online Etiquette Expert

Lisa has dedicated her career to teaching etiquette lessons in person and online. Her goal is to make etiquette accessible and relevant to everyone, regardless of where they are. So, whether you are around the corner or across the globe, Lisa’s expertise is available to you. 

Modern Etiquette
Meets Tradition

As an etiquette consultant, Lisa understands the importance of keeping up with the times while still honoring tradition. She offers etiquette school and classes that cover a wide range of topics, from digital decorum to business etiquette, ensuring that her clients are well-equipped to handle any social situation with grace and confidence. 


Table Manners Expert

Lisa is also a renowned table manners expert. Her guidance will help you quickly navigate even the most formal dining situations, ensuring you always make a positive impression.

Near You
For You

Whether you are searching for “etiquette lessons near me” or “online etiquette expert nearby,” Lisa Mirza Grotts is your go-to resource. With a wealth of articles, tips, and resources, you will find all the etiquette advice you need right here

Personal Development Etiquette Coach

Kind Words


“Lisa Grotts can tell you all about how to handle the nuances of super formal events. So go ahead and ask her about place cards, French service and receiving lines.  But what she excels at (and I admire) is how she both honors tradition and keeps it easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow for all of us in the twenty-first century.”

– Robert Hickey, Deputy Director, the Protocol School of Washington

“Although the challenges we face in today’s work and social settings seem more complex than ever, Lisa’s expert ability to apply and adapt traditional etiquette to modern challenges is marvelous.  Her witty and relevant tips make her a welcome addition to the list of well-known etiquette experts we have revered for generations.”

– Leslie Lautenslager, immediate past president, Protocol & Diplomacy International

Lisa's Book

a traveler's passport to etiquette

“As much as I have traveled, I never knew so much about packing for a trip until I read this book. A fun and fast read!”

Willie L. Brown, Jr.

Mayor of San Francisco,
1996 – 2004

Lisa Grotts - A Traveler's Passport to Etiquette Paperback Book