How To Announce A Birth, Royal Or Otherwise

May, 06, 2019
  • Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s eighth great grandchild, seventh in line to the throne, was just born.
  • The Royal Family understandably guards their privacy, but within minutes of the royal birth, ‘Baby Sussex’ made headlines.
  • The odds makers are betting on everything from the baby’s actual birth date, sex and weight, to the coveted royal name.
  • The royals have a long tradition of choosing family names. Will the baby boy be named Albert or perhaps Winston? And with Meghan Markle’s American roots, perhaps one of her family names will make the cut.
  • While the Town Crier announces a royal birth, how do the rest of us deal with birth announcements?

Happy Birth Day:  The Etiquette of Birth Announcements

  1. Call your family. It’s always a good idea to share good news in person or by telephone.
  2. Online news. After, and only after you’ve shared with news with family is it ok to share with your friends and online family. Baby’s name, time and date of the birth etc.
  3. Adoptions. A new family member is a joyful occasion no matter the circumstance.  In the case of an adopted child, send a photo of the child plus their age and country of birth.
  4. Paper It’s a wise idea to plan this way ahead of time so all you need to do is add details of the birth.
  5. Newspaper announcement. Old fashioned yes, but you can take out an ad in your local paper to announce the birth.

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