Should I Register a Child’s Birthday Party? | Golden Rules Gal

Jun, 25, 2024

Is it okay to register for gifts for your baby’s birthday party? Proper etiquette dictates never to ask for gifts. A baby birthday party registry is no exception.

Most people bring gifts for first birthday parties…even though technically, a one-year-old may not need a pile of gifts for their birthday—a gift registry for a birthday party borders on the offensive. Gift-giving for a child is obligatory because no one ever goes to a party empty-handed. However, gift-giving in this ‘modern’ way takes the fun and personal connection out of the process. The birthday boy/girl will have plenty of time to put something on a list and keep it on their ‘cart’ to send to their parents, hoping that one day they will find it under the Christmas tree. So a child doesn’t get what they want? It’s a good lesson in graciousness and realizing that you don’t get everything you want.

My Niece Maggie’s 8th Birthday with her Sister Charlotte.

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