10 Common Mistakes Party Guests Make | Golden Rules Gal

Nov, 30, 2021

Don’t be shocked at your party if the unimaginable happens. I’ve never hosted a party, or have been to a party where there were no inappropriate actions, special requests, or rude behavior. But, It’s how you handle the situation that counts.

Here are a few common mistakes party guests make: 
  1. They don’t RSVP but still show up.
  2. They show up an hour late.
  3. They bring a plus one when only one was invited.
  4. They fail to bring a hostess gift.
  5. They insist on drinking the wine they brought as a gift.
  6. They switch place cards at the table (tacky).
  7. They salt and pepper their food before tasting it.
  8. They wipe their nose with a napkin at the table.
  9. They flirt with one of your guests who are married.
  10. They give an unexpectedly inappropriate toast.

Party time with my parents!

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