10 Flirting Tips: How to Make a Good First Impression | Golden Rules Gal

Feb, 13, 2023

You are crushing on someone, or they may be crushing on you. Either way: Have your flirting tips handy in your back pocket.

1. Offer a compliment.

Sincere and PG only, please.

2. Use appropriate body language.

A wink or smile will go a long way as long as it’s not physically uncomfortable.

3. Smile.

Be happy, no one wants to date a “Debbie Downer.”

4. Be polite.

Yes, that is still a turn on.

5. Don’t lie.

This is not your online profile; it’s the real you!

6. Be confident without using corny pickup lines.
7. Demonstrate affection but play it cool.

Remember, he hasn’t asked you out yet.

8. Act interested even though you may not be.
9. Remember details.

They will be flattered at your recall which shows genuine interest.

10. Play hard to get.

This is my best advice for all my single friends because it works!

My kitty wink.

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