10 Things to Be Thankful For During Covid-19 | Golden Rules Gal

Feb, 23, 2021
  1. Your Health. If you’re not on a respirator, then count yourself lucky.
  2. Family Time. The lockdown has brought families closer together.
  3. Home Office. You wanted to work from home. Your wish came true.
  4. Clarity. The year has brought us clarity to what’s important in life.
  5. Connectivity. Humans were meant to congregate, not isolate.
  6. Life is Precious. Everyone in the whole world has been affected by this pandemic, which means we are all interconnected.
  7. Excess Expenditures. You may be laughing now, but when you go back to spending money on hair, makeup, or clothes, you’ll realize how good we had it.
  8. Unnecessary Travel. My husband used to fly to New York for business dinners. After this pandemic, my bet is on virtual dinners.
  9. Flexibility. It’s our new middle name. The pandemic has made us all prioritize and move with the flow.
  10. Jobs. All lives and jobs are important. Let’s be grateful for all workers. The look of Covid: fashionable wigs!

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