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Nov, 23, 2021

Thanksgiving speaks to our stomachs. It’s a day that revolves around food and more food. But entertaining of any kind takes planning. If you serve dinner for 6 or 60, you still need a game plan. 

1. Create a To-Do List

Start with the basics: guest list, food list, timeline, helpers, etc.

2. Set the Table Ahead of Time

Not only the place settings, but all serving dishes, fresh linens, and floral arrangements.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Buy

Make your signature dish, but store-bought food works too. Not everything has to be homemade, and not all guests need to know this.

4. Delegate Dishes

If someone offers, take them up on it. But, generally speaking, the host is in charge of the main course, so even though your bestie Barb offers to bring a 30-pound bird, say thanks but no thanks.

5. Get Back to Basics

Like Covid, life is a lot simpler, so skip the butternut squash soup and pomegranate salad. Instead, meat, potatoes, and pie is the name of this day.

6. Plan for Leftovers

The best part of the meal is turkey sandwiches the day after, so shop accordingly. If you run out, grocery markets sell plenty of sides to make up portions.

7. Seating

It’s important even for families. Seat the young next to the old, and separate married couples to keep things fresh. Also, it’s a good idea to seat the young and the old first as they may need extra time to get situated.

8. Give Thanks

From Plymouth to your home, Thanksgiving is a day of giving, so don’t forget to give thanks to those around you and to count your blessings.

9. Salt and Pepper Travel Together

When someone asks for the salt, it’s always passed with the pepper. And never season your food before it’s tasted.

10. Covid Safety

If you’re worried about Covid, it’s your party, so your rules.  Ask guests if they have been vaccinated or to take a Covid test before stepping foot in your home.

Be Gracious, enjoy the meal, and don’t forget to give thanks!

My bestie (center) with her wife and daughter. Thanksgiving 2020 masked up!

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