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Apr, 20, 2021

Does anybody miss dining out? I don’t mean outside; I mean sitting inside a restaurant. San Francisco has entered the orange tier, which means 50% of restaurant capacity is allowed to dine indoors. Eating out is still a privilege, and if you’re comfortable and have had your vaccinations, it’s clear that space still matters.

Here Are 10 Tips To Make Your Indoor Dining Experience A Safe One:

  1. Ventilation is Key. The virus is commonly spread through airborne transmission, so proper ventilation is a must. When in doubt, don’t shout, just move out.
  2. Hand Sanitizer. It should be available when you enter the restaurant, and possibly at your table. Make sure to lather up!
  3. Digital Menus. Learning new rules is not easy, especially for the silver set. When you view the menu on your phone, at least you only touch your own germs.
  4. Shared Objects. They’ll be limited because they’re not easy to sanitize. Think salt and pepper shakers and condiment bottles.
  5. Food Service Items. Use disposable place settings if they’re offered. You might not like paper plates, but they’re safe and can be recycled.
  6. Touchless Payment. Some restaurants no longer take cash because touchless is safer for everyone involved.
  7. Keep It To Yourself. It might be tempting but limit food sharing.
  8. High Touch Materials. Look for frequent table cleanings between customers.
  9. Maximum Capacity. 50% means that tables should still have space between each other. Misery does not love company; space matters!
  10. Server Face Masks. Servers and kitchen staff are required to wear masks at all times. Gloves aren’t a bad idea either. The mask should cover both the nose and mouth. Too many times, I’ve seen cooks in the kitchen with their masks under their noses. Some restaurants require that you keep your mask on when your server approaches the table.

An alfresco disposable lunch at Flowers Winery, Healdsburg.

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