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Nov, 30, 2020

While no list is entirely inclusive, there are many ways to help not hurt a patient.  When President Trump was diagnosed with the coronavirus, I was horrified to see comments on social media about his demise.  FACT:  The coronavirus does not recognize race, nationality or ethnicity.  It also doesn’t recognize red states or blue states.  FACT:  No one is above getting this virus;  not presidents, prime ministers or princes.

Hit Somebody When They’re Down

To criticize, exploit or treat someone badly is always in poor taste; this is especially true when they’re ill.  The coronavirus does not discriminate, so why do we?  Illnesses of any kind are a burden for a family, and a struggle for a patient.  If you’re unsure of how to help, start with these simple tips.  You have the power to make a difference in someone’s life.

Starting Line-Up:

  1. Let the patient vent their condition and be kind when they share their prognosis.
  2. Create opportunities to dispel those misinformed about the virus.  
  3.  Offer to run errands, pick up groceries or anything to make life more comfortable.
  4. Share your story or the stories of others so the virus is not a stigma.
  5. Remind others that spreading false information is in poor taste.
  6. Be an attentive listener.
  7. Pick up the phone so they feel loved.
  8. Offer to take them to the doctor, and send them snail mail.
  9. Deliver reading material.
  10. Wear your dang mask!

President Trump giving a thumbs before going to Walter Reed Hospital

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