5 Modern Etiquette Mistakes and the “fix” | Golden Rules Gal

Mar, 06, 2020

Villa D’este Lake Como

Toasting:   Keep the toast light and remember that it’s a toast, not a roast.  Avoid saying anything personal about the individual and keep it short, 2 minutes maximum.

Gesundheit.  If you have to sneeze, by all means, but turn your head to do so.  Never use your napkin to blow your nose, and if the sneezing persists, excuse yourself to the restroom.

The Dining Table:  It used to be that we just had to set the table.  Now we have to worry about objects not meant for table. Don’t place items on the table that are not part of the meal such as your mobile phone, keys, or sunglasses. 

Safe Topics:  It seems that nothing is off limits with conversation, but always remember to steer away from these subjects:  religion, politics, off-color jokes or the cost of things.  Instead, focus on safe subjects such as mutual friends or family, hobbies, movies, restaurants, or sports.

Social Media Posts:  It’s impossible not to have a SM handle, but be aware that your cyber DNA is online for life.  If you have an issue with your boss, avoid posting it online.  They may not see it, but someone will and it’s unprofessional.  

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