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Apr, 10, 2023

A tea without scones is like a meal without a fork! Here are five useful tips on how to host a vintage tea party:

1. What to Wear?

Vintage means retro. If you don’t have it in your closet, rent it. If you’re not sure about the dress, ask your host or Google it.

2. What to Serve?

Traditional tea fare such as sweets and savories but also mix it up with modern/ vintage choices such as soup shooters, quiche bites, or edible flowers.

3. How to Decorate?

Use pastel place cards, cookies, and plates. Serve with mis-matched china tea cups and silver tea spoons. Vintage lace tablecloths are also a great touch. If you don’t have one, go to your local fabric store for remnants.

4. Hostess Tips?

Include a theme such as a Galantine’s Tea.

5. Afternoon Tea Etiquette Tips?
  • Do spread a scone with cream first, then jam.
  • Do avoid talking with your mouth full or taking large bites.
  • Do wait until you have swallowed your food before you take a sip of tea. One at a time, please!
  • Do try a little of each food served at the tea (sweets and savory).
  • Don’t place lemon in the teacup before adding tea; tea is always poured first.
  • Don’t use milk and lemon together in tea. The citric acid of the lemon will cause the milk to curdle.
  • Don’t fill your cup to the brim in order to avoid messy spills.
  • Don’t tip your teacup too much when drinking—keep it slightly tipped.
  • Don’t leave your spoon in the cup. Place it on your saucer instead.
  • Don’t talk about personal food likes or dislikes during the tea. Tea offers a nice selection of treats to avoid this problem.

The Pret A Porter Fashionista Tea at The Berkeley in London

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