6 Acceptable Reasons for Calling in Sick | Golden Rules Gal

Jan, 17, 2020

Hold onto your hankies when you are sick.

Email is an accepted form of communication when it comes to calling in sick, but make sure you’re clear from the get-go so your boss doesn’t think you’re playing hooky. 

Here is a list of acceptable reasons why you can’t come to work:

1. You’re Contagious. Of course you don’t want to make anybody else sick, and your boss and your colleagues don’t want you to either. 

2. You Are Just Too Sick To Work. Your body aches and you have a fever and you simply have no energy even to check emails.

3. You’re Sick But Well Enough To Work From Home. Ask your boss to give you the option of telecommuting so you don’t have to take a sick day. This could be a win, win situation.

4. Don’t Send Your Email At The Last Minute. Do so as soon as you know you won’t be able to come in, even if it’s in the middle of the night. 

5. Send An Email, Not A Text, Especially If You Follow The Above Rule. Do not send a text in the middle of the night as many people don’t put their phones on Do Not Disturb. The last thing you want is a cranky boss! Email is always best in business situations anyway, as that way you will have a record of what you’ve said and done.

6. Be Specific Without Being Too Personal. When describing the symptoms of any illness, avoid the unpleasant details. You don’t have to give your boss TMI to justify staying home.  Being contagious is enough.

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