7 Tips for A Covid Safe St. Patrick’s Day | Golden Rules Gal

Mar, 16, 2021

St. Patrick’s Day parades may be canceled, but that doesn’t mean the Irish community and their friends will come out in droves now that bars are back in business. This year, St. Paddy’s Day is not an invitation to spread germs. Instead, let’s continue to spread the joy of the holiday but let’s do it responsibly. Here are a few ways how:

  1. Celebrate at Home. Unless everyone you know has had the vaccine, play it safe and stay home.
  2. Cook an Irish Meal. Who isn’t sick of cooking? But it’s not often we get to make corn beef and cabbage with green beer.
  3. Stream Celtic Music. I can’t think of a better noise backdrop than the haunting sound of bagpipes and fiddles.
  4. Watch River Dancers. I can picture the Irish line dancers now. It’s a treat to watch any day of the year.
  5. Dress the Part. Green goes with everything, from jade jewelry to sweaters, pants, or ugly ties.
  6. Catch up on an Irish Movie. My favorites are In the Name of the Father, Calgary, and Brooklyn (nominated for three Academy Awards).
  7. Think The Luck of the Irish. If you aren’t on a respirator, then consider yourself lucky.

I’ll take a Guinness. Erin go Bragh! Cheers!

 The McCormick’s sipping Irish coffee and Guinness beer!

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