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Nov, 29, 2023

The pandemic affected many facets of our lives and not only changed the way we lived but how we grieved. While experiencing loss during the pandemic, we realized just how many groups of people it touched. It affected the compromised and our close inner circles: children, parents, and siblings. COVID woke us up and retaught us the importance of kindness and not taking life for granted.

In the time of death, writing a sympathy note should be treasured and an automatic habit after receiving sad news, whether you find out in-person or online. The short time it takes to reach out to someone is smaller than their grief.

Here are 8 condolence note tips on what to say and how to say it: 

Try these lines on for size or save to file:

  • “I’m so sorry for your loss.”
  • “I’m not sure how to begin. My heart goes out to you and yours.”
  • “You are in my thoughts and prayers.”
  • “I look forward to giving you an in-person hug!”
  • “Sending love and sympathy.”

Then add the following:

  • Always say something positive about the deceased.
  • Bring up a happy remembrance.
  • Always express hope for the future.

Life is difficult without our loved ones, but life goes on. As the title of my favorite movie goes: Tomorrow is Forever, but none of us are guaranteed a tomorrow.

One Heart Is Worth 1000 Hugs.

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