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May, 30, 2023

There are always more don’ts than do’s, so let’s start there. My job is to give you clarity on golden rules, so here are my never do tips:

1. Don’t forget to include close friends and family.

That also includes family-to-be and your wedding party.

2. Don’t “Post for Your Host.”

Chances are there will be friends who will not be invited guests, or the guest list is small.  Let the bride-to-be have control over the photo choices.

3. Don’t invite anyone who isn’t also invited to the wedding.

It would be so awkward for a guest to find this out after buying you a gift.

4. Don’t add a gift registry to the invitation.

It’s up to you to give guidance, so if someone asks, it’s ok to verbally let them know.

5. Don’t wait too long to pick the date.

There’s no such thing as a date that works for everyone.

6. Don’t feel bad about picking up the phone when guests haven’t arrived.

A head count is in order. 

7. Don’t confuse the bridal shower with the bachelorette party.

These are two separate events. The shower is a daytime event, the bachelorette party’s at night.

8. Don’t give raunchy gifts.

You don’t want to make the bride (or any family member) uncomfortable. Save the sexy gifts for the bachelorette party instead.

9. Be gracious.

When you open gifts in front of your guests, be happy for what you receive even though it may not be on your short list.

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