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May, 28, 2024

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved photos. In high school, I had a bulletin board the size of my wall covered in pictures of friends and family. When I returned for Christmas break during my first year of college, my mother had taken it down, and I was devastated. Fast forward 30 years later, with the advent of social media, my bulletin board is alive again. Personalized gifts are the best kinds of gifts, especially for family members.


 Here are some simple ideas of how you can turn your phone photos into gifts:

1. Monthly Calendars.


12 months of photos of your family for the grandparents. Done.

2. Note Cards.


Just because cards are a must for any stationery wardrobe.

3. Photo Albums.


When you have 50,000 photos on your iPhone, translate them into an album that you can touch and feel. Remember paper? The silver set prefers it.

4. Playing Cards.


It can be a trip memory or something that you always like to look black on when playing cards.

5. Holiday Cards.


A great way to keep in touch with friends and family. Add a custom note and you’re golden.

6. Thank You Notes.


The etiquette authority in me has to throw in a thank you note – a great reminder for the young set.

7. Mugs.


How about your child’s college monogram or fraternal emblem?

8. Snow Globes.


Great for holiday party décor or table decoration.

9. Photo Blocks.


Acrylic blocks are chic and take up little space. They are full of personality especially when you add a great memory.


My Childhood Bedroom Wall of Photos.

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