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Mar, 07, 2023

When I repeat the same words and phrases repeatedly, it makes me pause and think, why am I doing this? Do I need to expand my vocabulary? Should I be reading more? I guess an easier explanation is that ‘repeat’ words fill space, much like certain friends, talk news, and coffee. Now acronyms I love, thanks to my sister Alli. She and her childhood friend Shannon would speak in a secret language repeatedly until, one day, they filled me in, and that’s when I was hooked. GCM (gold chain man), NBK (natural born killer), CYD (could you die),and BIC (bat in cave = boogers), to name a few. The girls had a thing about men who wore gold chains, mystery films involving serial killers, and could you die meaning, “I can’t believe it.” But my favorite of all time is a term that we still use: CNS (central nervous system). Translation: You are bugging me! This was code if our mother annoyed us (make your beds, clean the kitchen, etc.). We didn’t want to be disrespectful, so we would sign ‘CNS’ to one another. My sister grew up with a friend who was hearing impaired, so she learned to sign and taught me some of the language. We still use the acronym, only now it means anything and everything annoying!

At the beginning of each year, I set out to accomplish new things – New Year resolutions, goals, objectives – whatever you want to call them. Here are 9 phrases I’d like to remove from my vocabulary in 2023.

1. I don’t care.

Of course, I care; it’s just slang for irritation. So why do I say it? This bad habit needs to die. Replacement phrase: I don’t think so.

2. Shut the front door.

I have no idea where this came from. It makes me think of a Catholic college friend who never swears. It stuck, and now it’s time to unstick. It’s catchy but not good enough—replacement phrase: Goodness me.

3. I hate that.

I don’t hate anything. I dislike many things (salmon, lamb, mean girls), yet I say this far too often. Replacement phrase: I dislike that.

4. Are you sure?

This is code for “I’m unsure.” I’m never unsure. I always know exactly what I want, so why do I speak with doubt? Goodbye, are you sure! Replacement phrase: I’m positive!

5. Not a problem.

It sounds like the title of a film, but it’s too short and unclear. Replacement phrase: You’re welcome.

6. Take your time.

It’s up there with no worries, which bugs me (I have said that too). Replacement phrase: Whenever you can get to it. It’s not urgent.

7. Stay in your own lane.

This is certainly a lot nicer than “stay out of my business,” but it’s a little bit too kitschy. Replacement phrase: It’s none of my business.

8. It’s all about you.

We live in a “me” world where few people even look at how another person might feel. Replacement phrase: I prefer to be more selfless.

9. They’re so selfish.

We all know someone who is excessively concerned about themselves with a disregard for others. Replacement phrase: I had no idea people were so self-centered.

High school prom. Looks like my mouth is going to good use. At least I rocked the bandana halter dress with a puka shell choker.

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