9 Shopping Mall Etiquette Tips | Golden Rules Gal

Jun, 29, 2021
  1. Avoid road rage in parking lots. Play it safe, not sorry
  2. If you’re shopping with kids, keep them busy. Make sure to bring snacks or toys.
  3. Don’t be a victim of circumstance. Always zip your purse and keep your shopping bags close by.
  4. Be courteous to store employees. Your patience may be tried if the line is long.
  5. Be patient when waiting for assistance. Also, stay off your cell phone while checking out!
  6. Don’t wait until your total has been rung up to pull out your wallet. Have your money out ahead of time, so the next person in line will not be waiting longer than necessary.
  7. On an escalator, stay to the right and walk to the left to pass. Don’t walk directly behind the next person; skip at least one step so when you exit, so there will be room. Always hold on to the rail in case of sudden stops.
  8. If you have shopping bags, they go directly in front of you to allow others to pass on the left. Never stop at either end, as you will be a moving target and cause accidents.
  9. The protocol is to step aside or step out to let those in the rear exit on an elevator. If you are going to a lower floor, stand to the front. If you are going to a top floor, move to the back. In either case, if someone needs to exit, be prepared to step aside or out when needed. Wait for passengers to leave before you enter, and hold the door open for others and offer to push their floor button.

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