9 Ways to Be a Great Party Guest | Golden Rules Gal

Jun, 27, 2023
1. Be engaging.

There’s nothing worse than a party guest who is a wallflower. You were invited to add something, so make sure you mingle, and if dinner is seated, always talk to the person on both your left and right sides so no one has to see your back the entire time.

2. Mingle with everyone.

It’s human nature to gravitate to people we know, but meeting new people is also nice.

3. If you’re a houseguest, be self-sufficient. 

Never had friends that expect to be entertained 24/7? That is not your job. Bring your entertainment just in case they have not made plans.

4. Arrive a few minutes late.

Even if you have a military background, giving a host a little breathing room is always courteous.

5. Bring three key things with you.

A personality, a small gift, and good energy.

6. Offer to help the host.

Even if there is staff, she may need an extra hand with coats, in the kitchen, etc. Just ask.

7. Show that you’re having fun.

Tell them you are having fun, you love the food, you met new people, etc.

8. A good guest writes a thank you note.

Very good guests also call the next day.

9. Never overstay your welcome.

And always leave the party on time.

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