9 Ways to Eat Fish | Golden Rules Gal

Feb, 20, 2023

When it comes to table manners, fish is not the easiest of the main courses to consume. Between the bones, whole bodies, skins, and heads, it’s not appetizing until you know how to eat it. Here is a short list to make it simple:

1. Caviar.

Because fish eggs are delicate, it’s eaten in small quantities and never chewed because the roe will fall apart in your mouth. Small mother-of-pearl spoons are used because they are as delicate as the fish.

2. Clams.

Hold the shell with the fingers of one hand and a fork in the other and spear the clam.

3. Shellfish.

Whether it’s crab or lobster, shellfish takes work. Twisting off the legs or claws works to crack open the meat. A fork or pick can be used to spear and eat the meat.

4. Fish Fillet.

Knife and fork – how civilized!

5. Mussels.

Remove a mussel from its shell with a fork and eat in one bite.

6. Oysters.

Hold the shell with your fingers and a shellfish fork in the other. Spear the oyster with a fork and eat it in one bite.

7. Shrimp.

You’re in luck with a knife and fork if it’s a main course. If it’s shrimp as a cocktail, eat one bite at a time with your fingers.

8. Sushi.

Fingers or chopsticks.

9. Whole Fish.

To eat the meat, slit it with a fork from head to tail. If you digest any bones, they may be removed to the side of your plate with your fingers. If the head is not detached, remove it from the gills.

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