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Oct, 25, 2022

I’ll admit it – I am a paper snob, even in our digital age. Like many of you, I had to adapt to digital everything from meetings to mail to invitations. Because I was born in the paper age when you only received mail once a day, it didn’t happen overnight. Now, I have embraced the choice of this generation.

Here are a few common questions and answers to help you adapt to the digital age. And remember, a “no” response is just as important as a “yes” response.

Q: Is it okay to send digital invitations?
A: Digital invites can be useful when hosting a large event because you can teach many people how to RSVP with just one click.

Q: What about birth or death announcements?
A: Because of the speed of email, these events are now commonly announced by email.

Q: When is it inappropriate to send a digital invitation?
A: I would steer clear of evites for weddings, bar mitzvahs, engagement parties, and graduations.

Q: What about graduation cards, birth congratulations, get-well cards, or messages of condolence?
A: It’s okay if you’ve sent a digital card, but you should follow up with a paper card. The real thing is so much more meaningful.

Q: Are there certain people we should avoid when it comes to digital anything?
A: The silver set are stubborn holdouts, and some might not even have email. Take the time to send them a message through snail mail. Good etiquette is all about common sense.

Q: Is it ever okay to send an electronic thank-you?
A: The look and feel of a handwritten note are preferable. In the case of a job interview, an email is preferable because it will be read quickly. However, a handwritten message, in addition to an email, is unforgettable.

Quality paper stock makes a lasting impression.

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