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Jun, 27, 2022

I’m no stranger to ballparks. My father is a baseball devotee. First with the Oakland A’s as Oakland was closer to our home in the Central Valley than San Francisco. If I had only kept my “Campy” Campaneris trophy from “Bat Day,” it would have made a lovely family keepsake. Vida Blue, Catfish Hunter, and Reggie Jackson were my weekend heroes as my parents had no sons. A day at the ballpark with his eldest daughter when Charley Finley owned the team in the 70’s was the perfect day. Although baseball games are for fun and entertainment, there are some etiquette rules that should be followed. 

Lisa’s Ballpark Etiquette Rules: 
  1. No outside food or drinks allowed.
  2. Leave your tobacco and gum at home.
  3. You will need a pet sitter for all animals not allowed in the ballpark, except for service animals who must remain on a leash.
  4. Keep your trash to yourself. When you’re done eating, dispose of it properly.
  5. If you have any security concerns, take your concerns to the staff. This could include profane language, intoxicated people, or anyone interfering with the game and causing violence.
  6. To keep safe, keep your skateboards and rollerblades at home.
  7. All United States ballparks are smoke-free zones.
  8. Shoes and shirts, please, at all times.

Trash it or leave it at the ballpark? Choose wisely.

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