Covid Chronicles: 10 Ways Your Health Club Will Look Different | Golden Rules Gal

Aug, 10, 2020
  1. Check In:  There will be controlled measures such as screening, disinfectant protocols and plenty of hand sanitizer.
  2. Weights:  Staff will be required to wear gloves and masks, but it’s not a bad idea for members.  Weights are so often touched that it will be impossible to do a thorough cleaning between reps.
  3. Group classes:  They will be reservation-based with online sign-up and a 50% reduction in capacity.
  4. Cleaning:  There will be wait time between classes due to enhanced cleaning techniques.  This is good news for everyone.
  5. Swimming Pools:  Pools may be open but will also require “lane” or “class” reservation.
  6. Online Classes:  Zoom has taken over the in-person meeting and workout. Since March, many clubs have offered their workouts online.  Look for this in the foreseeable future.
  7. Floor Markers:  We see them everywhere, and the health club will be no different.  Wait your turn on the given line, please.
  8. Outdoor Classes: Group classes are moving towards outdoors where there is more space and fresh air.  Movie theaters are doing the same with pop-up drive in’s.
  9. Child Daycare:  It’s been great to squeeze in a workout with a child, but chances are they’ll be a distant memory due to Covid-19.
  10. Safety First:  Remember to follow all club protocols: stay informed, avoid being a virus spreader and don’t forget to social distance even with a mask on.

New Gym Etiquette

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