Five Ways to Treat a Restaurant Server | Golden Rules Gal

Nov, 30, 2019

Dinner in the wine country for 50.

  1. Think the golden rule and treat your server as you would want to be treated – with respect. Working in the service industry is tough, so be kind to your server.
  2. The nicer you are to your server, the better service you’ll receive. Remember, sometimes things are beyond the control of the wait staff, such as problems in the kitchen.
  3. Take care of your server if they do a good job. TIP means “to ensure prompt service.” If you receive great service, give a good tip!
  4. Tell your server if you have to leave at a certain time. Let your server know if you’re on a schedule, but also make sure that schedule is a reasonable one.
  5. Tell the restaurant ahead of time if you’re celebrating a birthday. With Open Table and other online reservation apps, you can ask for special treatment ahead of time. Never put your server on the spot at the last minute.

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