House Guest Etiquette During Covid-19 Q & A | Golden Rules Gal

Nov, 23, 2020

Q: Is There An Accepted Optimum Length Of Stay That House Guests Should Observe?  There is a common saying:  Guests are like fish. They begin to smell after three days.  As for Covid-19, less is more when it comes to guests and person-to-person contact.  If you have guest quarters away from your main house, that is the perfect definition of social distancing.

Q: What Are The Top Five Don’ts All Guests Should Steer Clear Of When Visiting Friends/Relatives?  

  1. Don’t rely on your hosts for anything other than a place to sleep.
  2. Don’t expect to be entertained. Keep yourself busy. Bring books or other things to occupy your time. 
  3. Don’t ask if you can bring your pet. 
  4. Don’t be late. If meals are served, be on time. 
  5. Don’t forget to tidy up. Never leave your room and bathroom a mess,  and when you leave, always strip the bed and put sheets and towels in the laundry room. 

Q: Is It Better To Set Out Clear Boundaries Before Your Guest Arrives, And How Might You Do This Without Offending Them? When I have weekend guests, I always send an email with all of the instructions, from directions to the house to where to park to room assignments. I leave it to the guests to tell me if they have any dietary restrictions. 

Q: If You Don’t Lay Out These Ground Rules, How Can You Broach A Conversation During Their Stay To Discuss What You Are Unhappy With?  That’s why you need to broach the subject ahead of time. If something does come up, go with the flow. They’re guests for a short time and remember that you invited them. You can discuss your unhappiness with your spouse or girlfriends. Good etiquette is not just about knowing which fork to use and when. It’s making others feel comfortable no matter the situation. After teaching for 20 years here’s my observation:  Your guests might not even know they’re doing anything wrong. Ignorance is bliss, so leave them feeling blissful!

 Q: Is There A Recommended Gift You Should Give A Host? House guests should always arrive with a hostess gift. This can be anything from flowers to wine or a candle. If there are small children in the house a gift for them is appropriate. 

Be a polite guest; leave your room the way you found it.

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