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Oct, 26, 2021

Since March of 2020, it seems like Halloween has been one big trick without a treat. You’re probably thinking, “How is it already this time of the year again?” And your kids are probably wondering what’s on the agenda. With the rise in Covid cases, especially among children, your annual Halloween party has probably been canceled, the neighborhood Haunted House doors are most likely closed, and trick or treating won’t be the same, yet again.

However, there’s nothing to fear here, from decor to costumes, treats, and more; it’s never too late to celebrate the spooky holiday safely with your kiddos at home while still having fun!

Here is How to Have a Last Minute Screaming Halloween:

  1. Costumes.

    Your little ones probably picked out their costumes a month ago, but as a busy mom or dad, you may not have decided on one for yourself. So pick a decade or animal and take a short trip to your closet. We all have some cheetah print or 70s attire buried in our drawers.

  2. Decor.

    The stores’ shelves are probably wiped clean by now, so DIY instead! For example, pick up some orange balloons and a black sharpie. Then, blow them up and draw some pumpkin faces. There’s plenty of other ideas like this you can find online.

  3. Treats.

    Head to the Dollar Store and load up on candy. Or, Google some simple recipes and let the kids help you make some yummy treats at home.

  4. Crafts.

    Again, this is when the internet or the Dollar Store becomes your best friend. If it’s too late or messy to carve pumpkins, pick up some glitter and Halloween stickers and have your kids decorate their pumpkins instead.

  5. Activities.

    Other than baking and crafting, movies and books are also a great form of entertainment. Utilize your Netflix, Hulu, and Disney + accounts. There are plenty of kid-friendly options to choose from.

My twin niece and nephew many moons ago.

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