How to Online Shop This Holiday Season | Golden Rules Gal

Dec, 07, 2021

Trends may come and go, but 24/7 online shopping is here to stay, especially during the holiday season. Try these 7 shopping tips on for size:

1. Shop Early.

News reports indicate we may have less to choose from this season, so get online early.

2. Check Delivery Dates and if Items Can Be Returned.

The earlier you shop, the earlier your package will arrive and can be returned if it doesn’t meet your satisfaction.

3. Returns Only.

Only buy the item if it can be returned to the original payment, not credit. Always check the bottom line.

4. Let Someone Else Do It for You.

If you’re not comfortable shopping online, then hire a personal shopper. They are in stores but also for hire online.

5. Avoid Shipping Costs.

This is the time when retailers offer specials. Wait until you see free shipping, then hit send.

6. Browse for Coupons.

Before you complete your purchase, open up another browser to find coupon codes. They will be in abundance. Think 20% off.

7. Foreign Country Purchases.

There’s nothing wrong with buying internationally, but remember the shipping time and cost will be greater; chances are there will be no returns accepted, so make sure you check the dotted line.

My shopping experience at Gumps, San Francisco.

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