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Dec, 13, 2019

Wallpaper remnant from my powder room tied with Buddha gold ribbon.

Shopping at the mall has been replaced by shopping online. However, unless you have your gift sent directly to the giftee, you still have to wrap it.

Wrap Like a Pro

In San Francisco, the go-to place for the perfect gift and gift wrap was always Gump’s, but you too can create your own signature look.

Think out of the box this holiday season with boxes, bags, colorful ribbons, and interesting and original paper. Assemble a selection of wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, gift tags, and colored pens, including gold and silver ones. Then say goodbye to holiday chaos by wrapping your gifts ahead of time and making a fun project of it. Turn on the Hallmark channel, heat up the cocoa, and enjoy creating your own enticingly wrapped presents. 

Wrapping Tips

1. Always store your gift-wrapping items in bins. I prefer the kind with colored lids (red or green for the holidays).

2. Have another bin for tools such as scissors, tape and other supplies. 

3. Double-sided tape is elegant because you can’t see it. Fold the edge of the paper over so the cut edge isn’t visible and seal it with tape on the underside.

4. Use fabric ribbon, not plastic. Many beautiful kinds are available, including sheer, patterned, and printed ribbons, in all colors and widths. French ribbon has thin wires on both sides so you can make free-form bows that stay in place. 

5. Martha Stewart suggests color-coding wrapping paper for family members, which is a fun way to identify gifts. Or, choose one color for your gift-wrapping palette.

6. If your tree changes from year to year, why not your wrapping? One color makes things a lot easier, and looks elegant under a tree. This year I’m going white.

7. Use gift bags or boxes for oddly shaped gifts such as candles, bottles of wine, etc., nestling the gift in sheets of tissue paper.

Creative Wrapping Paper Tips:

1. The New York Times or any local newspaper. Now that’s a double recycle.

2. Maps of the United States, or a city map of wherever you live. 

3. Photocopy and blow up a photo of the person who’s getting the gift.

4. Adult coloring books are in, and pages from them make colorful wrapping paper.

5. Fabric remnants or old scarves, silk, or cotton.

6. Sheets of hand-printed art paper found in art stores.

7. Your own wrapping paper made using stencils, rubber stamps, or free-hand painting, drawing, or writing on solid-colored paper. 


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