Movie Theatre Etiquette

Feb, 24, 2011

And the winners are? It’s that time of year: the Academy Awards. If you’re like many, you’ll want to see all the films nominated before the show. Here are some rules to make your movie theatre experience more enjoyable:

• Validate your parking ticket before the movie begins so you won’t forget after the film or get caught in long lines.

• Silence is Golden. Turn off all electronic devices before the movie begins. Even checking your messages or texting distracts your neighbors.

• If you need to make a call, excuse yourself to the lobby.

• It’s okay to chat during the movie trailers and endless commercials. However, if you’re asked to sh, that’s okay too.

• Never talk in the theatre once the movie begins.

• Popcorn and candy wrappers can be quite noisy. Keep the chomping and unwrapping to a minimum, especially during quiet movie scenes.

• Never bring babies or children to the movies. If you can’t get a babysitter, watch a DVD, but don’t ruin the experience for others.

• Avoid storing coats and purses on empty chairs or saving seats for your friends.

• If someone is talking loudly or using their phone, don’t confront them. Ask the theater staff for assistance.

• Take candy wrappers, cups, and popcorn bags with you when you leave so the seat and surrounding area are clean for the next guest.

• Be courteous to those around you, and enjoy the film!

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