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Mar, 26, 2024

8 Tips to Enhance Your Next Gambling Experience:


1.Understand the Rules before You Play.

 If you’re unsure, ask the dealer.


2. Keep Your Gambling Drama Free and Follow Etiquette Rules.

Everyone enjoys the game, but you must play by the rules, and in casinos, they are very specific.


3. Tip the Dealer. 

This is a common practice whether you win or not. If a service is being performed, it warrants a gratuity.


4. Know Your Hand Signals.

Don’t bid $100 when you mean $10.


5. Never Make Idle Conversation with the Dealer.

Or for that matter, ask them for advice.


6. Keep Personal Belongings off the Table.

Look for the hook under the table.


7. Keep Your Gambling Experience Drama Free.

Drink responsibly and keep your business to yourself.  


8. Remember the Golden Gambling Rule.

Yes, there’s even a golden rule for gambling, and it’s nothing more than common sense like all etiquette rules: Never gamble with money you can’t afford to lose. May luck be with you!

My Lucky Husband in Las Vegas. 

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