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Jun, 22, 2020
  1. Check-In.  It’s fun to be spontaneous.  Restaurants are now operating at limited capacity, so make a reservation otherwise your wait time might be indefinite. Plus, chances are you’ll be asked to wait outside until the table is ready.
  2. Condiments. Bye, bye condiments of any kind.  If you see salt and pepper, unwrapped straws, or anything out in the open, run to the nearest exit.
  3. Paper Menus. Disposable is now in (who would have thought?) but many restaurants are requiring customers to order online, look at a computer menu in place, or text your selections to the server.  Yes, I have experienced all of the above.
  4. Water Bottle On Table. If a bottle is on your table it means someone has touched it.  The best practice is for wait staff to pour the water for you without leaving the bottle on the table.
  5. Employee Safety. Are they keeping us safe by sanitizing and disinfecting tables? Check to see if they’re wearing masks and gloves; and that goes for the cooks in the kitchen.  At all times they should be limiting bare hand contact.
  6. Table Cleanliness.  Is the table being wiped down between seatings?  That is the new reopening guideline and requires extra time on the part of the restaurant.
  7. Touchless Bill Pay.  Use your phone so you can pay the touchless way.  Handing over a credit card opens you up to germs.
  8. Tablecloths.  Who doesn’t love white tablecloth dining?  Now, tablecloths will need to be removed between diners. Either that, or restaurants can add butcher paper for each new guest on only the top so that no part of the fabric touches your skin.  How about paper placemats?
  9. Place Setting.  Tables should not be pre-set.  A diner needs to see it being brought to the table incubated.
  10. Space.  If you’re seated to close next to someone, speak up.  You should easily be able to see distance between tables to feel comfortable.  If not, order takeaway.

Is plexiglass dining our future?

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