Pandemiquette: 20 Ways Life Will Change After Covid-19 | Golden Rules Gal

Jun, 29, 2020
  1. Touch-less Greetings. Gone are handshakes and paper tickets.  What else will we say goodbye to?
  2. Crowds. With less crowds you may never have to wait in line for a public restroom again.
  3. Food Choices. This means different things to different people. To me it means no more self-serve anything such as salad bars, buffets, or self-serve fro-yo. 
  4. Virtual Existence. Not only will meetings in person become rare, but virtual doctor’s appointments are the new norm.
  5. Recycle.  We’ve made great strides, but with everyone going back to paper and disposables, we may be moving sideways for the time being.
  6. Social Gatherings. They will look different at half the size in order to meet the six feet distance requirements.
  7. Smells.  Flowers are fragrant, but so are hand sanitizers which give off an air of good hygiene and cleanliness.
  8. Home Office. First came the man cave now the she shed. We all need our own space to work, especially if we’re going to be on video calls.
  9. Pollution. With the reverse commute we are driving less; let’s hope that keeps up.   Nature is getting a welcomed break from the virus.
  10. Face Coverings. Masks are a wardrobe staple. Luckily there are plenty of stylish options to choose from.
  11. Trust. It takes a certain level of trust to have others serve us whether it’s in/out of a restaurant.  Are employees taking necessary precautions to make us feel safe?   If not, apprehension in dining is reasonable. 
  12. Covid and Travel. We have a passport for travel, but we may also need one to show that we are virus free. They’re already doing it in China.
  13. Summer Travel. It’s likely to come in the form of road trips not plane trips.  Staying close to home (or just staying home) is in!
  14. Pandemic Proof Office. Call it an upgrade to your office:  plexiglass wall barriers and rotating office hours/ days.
  15. Retail Therapy.  We’ve been shopping online since March, but will that change? We can find most everything online, which is hard on small businesses. And, we’ve also learned to do without a lot less.
  16. Condiments. You must have noticed that they no longer exist on the table, from salt and pepper to straws and the like.  Ask and you shall receive.
  17. Efficiency.  With no menus and pay before you eat at many restaurants, wait time is a lot less.
  18. Social Bubbling.  Who’s in yours and do you feel comfortable opening up with others?  Many experts think this is a good way to emerge from the lockdown.
  19. Grocery Shopping.  Lollygagging at the grocery market is out.  Get in and get out with as little contact as possible.
  20. Communion.  Once churches open, what will come of wine and wafers? Covid-19 is bound to alter communion rituals.

Ask and you shall receive condiments, but say goodbye to self-serve.

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