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Apr, 18, 2023

What to expect when you’re expecting a royal disaster? Hopefully not any more ‘D’ words: disrespect, disaster, distaste. After Prince Harry’s war of words with his family, he’s coming home. May is associated with Germanic roots meaning to be able, strong, and powerful. HRH King Charles III holds power, but the question remains: will the spare meet the heir? Oh, let’s all say a prayer!

All the World’s His Stage

As my sister recently asked, “If dad was the King of England, do you think we would be living in Santa Barbara?” I assure you we would be on the first flight to the UK and never look back. After reading Prince Harry’s book, it’s clear that all 416 pages were his open therapy sessions to the world, or perhaps just the daily human challenges of life. When William Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage and the men and women merely players” perhaps he was referring to the world according to Harry.

The Physical Crowning

The Coronation will be a theater on a grand scale, drama personified, and I, for one, cannot wait to take my seat in the grandstand next to Queen Victoria’s statue overlooking Buckingham Palace. Since my brand is good behavior and I dole out advice for a living, here are 9 tips for Harry. Oh, how I hope he will behave.

1. Don’t Be Foolish.

As a born Royal, you knew better than to RSVP late to such a historic occasion—no more risible behavior.

2. No Netflix Cameras, No Need to Act.

Be joyful that your father is being crowned King of England … King of England!

3. Find a Shoulder to Lean On.

As Meghan will remain in California, stick close to your support system: Princesses Beatrice and Eugenia.

4. The Family Wales.

It’s hard to read the British, and the British royals are masters of discretion. A Coronation is not the time for confrontation. You have clashed in the past but brush it off for the sake of the Monarch.

5. Unfasten the Chip.

Every shoulder has one, but this is not about you. Fake it until you make it, till wheels up.

6. Ignore the Paparazzi.

You grew up with a love-hate relationship with the press. Now you’re a moving target.

7. Put a Lid on It.

If members of the royal family – your family – are acting respectable, please do the same.

8. Don’t Be a Royal Runaway.

Even though all eyes should be on King Charles, they will be on you and your behavior. Make it memorable.

9. Spare Us Further Details.

When you arrive home, wish your son a Happy Birthday, and jump back into your new life. Then, detach yourself from the Monarchy and leave the rest to history.

Long Live The King!

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