The Covid Chronicles: 10 Ways Wine Tasting May Look Different | Golden Rules Gal

Aug, 03, 2020
  1. Server.  Instead of being served you serve yourself; this may include opening your own bottle.
  2. Fresh Air.  Most tastings will be done outdoors.
  3. Groups.  Less is more, so six or less in a group and six feet apart, please.
  4. Food.  Food is now required in order to taste the wines.  Also, I bet that jars of breadsticks will be nowhere in sight.
  5. Virtual Tastings. With the level of increased sanitization and efforts to reduce contact, virtual tasting allows you to have your wine and distance to.
  6. Time Slotted Tastings.  Reservations by appointment only; it’s the perfect way to manage crowds.
  7. Look For Visual Clues.  Is there hand sanitizer on the table?  Is the staff wearing masks?  Are the tables being cleaned in between tastings?
  8. BYOG.  Some wineries are requiring that you buy your glass to taste. 
  9. Contactless Menus.  Restaurants are using online menus to order, so why not wineries?
  10. SelfServe. Guests may be required to refill their own glasses.  Their  hands, their germs.

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