The Covid Chronicles – Stepping Out: Etiquette Rules For Visiting Friends | Golden Rules Gal

Jul, 20, 2020

Our big moment has finally come, or has it?  So many people are apprehensive about stepping out after being sheltered for so long.  Rules are ambiguous at best.  There’s no uniformity to how we are now supposed to live, other than we must wear a mask when we cannot social distance. 

Life isn’t the same; this is our new social normal.  Even if you’re around members of your own household or social bubble, the comfort level varies for everyone.  One thing is crystal clear:  we are not wired to be distant.  We are wired to crave the human touch, which is one reason this pandemic has petrified so many people.

Keeping this in mind, it will require flexibility on everyone’s part.  This is not the time to make judgement calls.  If you’re uncomfortable because a friend is not wearing a mask or they’re standing too close, then speak up.  We cannot always count on others to do what they’re supposed to be doing;  we can only count on our behavior. 

If you’re going to be socializing during this period, let the other party know how you feel beforehand, and never put anyone in harm’s way. The goal of good manners, covid or no covid, is to always make others feel comfortable in any situation.

Life is about choice, so don’t be a flagrant violator or claim to have a ‘get out of mask free card.’  There’s no such thing.  Navigate all areas of your life that will result in harm-reduction.  You alone have the power to make a positive impact in your community.

With all the gray areas that exist, the following will help minimize danger:  wearing a mask, washing your hands, and keeping your distance.  There’s always risk, so protect yourself and others.


Masks are essential when gathering with friends.

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