The Covid Chronicles: 5 Ways to Communicate With A Mask On | Golden Rules Gal

Jul, 06, 2020

The Invisible Person.  Our faces may be under wraps, but as we re-enter into society our interaction with other people will require a bit of extra work.  A concealed face represents a challenge not only in expression but in voice.  Keep in mind the following:  60 – 70% of what we communicate has nothing to do with language.  Knowing this, body language will play a big part in being “mask” approachable.  Try these simple tips:

  1. The Eyes Have It.  Eye contact has always been key, but especially now when it’s the only part of your face showing.  Don’t be afraid to use them.  Also don’t forget the eyebrows; they are also an important part of facial expressions.
  2. Hand Gestures.  Body language is key at a time when the mouth is hidden.  If you must, practice a few mannerisms to get someone’s attention without startling them.
  3. Voice Recognition.  Sounds will be muffled, so you will need to speak clearly and more audibly, especially for someone who may be hearing impaired.   Raising your voice in this circumstance is not a bad idea. 
  4. Smile.  Believe it or not, a smile can still be felt with a covered face.  When you smile, your body relaxes and you come across as friendly and open. 
  5. Humor.  There’s nothing wrong with injecting a bit of humor even when we want to cry; and it’s a terrific coping mechanism.  As face masks come in all shapes and sizes, wear one that will get a rise out of others.   

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