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Mar, 20, 2020

Spatial Distance Dining

At Sunday night’s presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden proclaimed that we are at war with a virus.  It has a name, but Covid-19 is still shrouded in mystery and there is no vaccine to prevent the virus. This we know for sure:  in order for containment to take place, we must keep our distance from others as it is passed from person to person. Until last week, I had never heard of the term spatial distancing.  It’s of course self-explanatory and it’s been repeated so often that it may become a permanent part of our vernacular. If you’re comfortable with the new rules, I commend you. The human touch is how we connect on so many levels.  It takes practice not to touch.

The defines social distancing as “remaining out of places where people meet or other people gather.”  As I have written in previous Coronavirus blogs, we all need to do our part to mitigate its spread. Here are some ways to best protect yourself:

  1. Avoid Close Contact With Others.  This is especially true of sick people and the elderly who are at higher risk.
  2. Place Distance Between Yourself And Others.  The CDC suggests six feet apart.  This could help stop the spread in your community.
  3. Limit Social Activity. Whether it’s a swim class or a bridge game, postpone any non-essential activity.  It won’t stop the virus, but it can certainly slow it down. 
  4. Limit Kids And Their Activity.  Think twice about group playdates or playgrounds.
  5. Avoid Public Transportation.  This includes buses, taxis, subways, and ride shares.

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