Wedding Vendor Cheat Sheet | Golden Rules Gal

Sep, 14, 2021

You will have plenty to juggle when planning a wedding. But, if you can have a one-page printed sheet along with a note on your phone with all of your wedding information, life will be a whole lot easier.

Here are my top picks, but create your own and plan as you go. You’re all in it together, every step until you reach the altar.

Wedding Cheat Sheet
  1. Ceremony Officiant/Contact
  2. Entertainment
  3. Florist
  4. Gift Attendant
  5. Gift Registry Link
  6. Guest Book Attendant
  7. Hair Stylist
  8. Hotel Contact
  9. List of Groomsmen
  10. List of Bridesmaids
  11. Make-Up Artist
  12. Musicians for Ceremony
  13. Musicians for Reception
  14. Photographer
  15. Reception Contact
  16. Rehearsal dinner contact
  17. Transportation
  18. Valet Parking
  19. Videographer
  20. Wedding Planner

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