What Gives? 12 Eye-Catching Holiday Gifts | Golden Rules Gal

Nov, 21, 2022
1. For a Patriot.

An American Flag. They come with a certificate of authenticity and will be flown over the State Capitol on the day of your choice.

2. For the Law Abiding Citizen.

Support your local fire or police station. When we call 911, they protect us, so we should support them. Every station sells merchandise such as t-shirts and hats, which make terrific gifts for the entire family.

3. For the Health Nut.

A leather pillbox holder is perfect for vitamins and travel medicines. Plus, it is easy to store.

4. For the Hostess.

Tip towels. These come in handy for the powder room and are available in holiday themes.

5. For a Child.

Personalized thank-you notes. It’s never too early to start a child’s stationery wardrobe, especially in a time of E-everything.

6. For Life.

Blood Donation. Transform someone’s life and give the gift that keeps on giving: life!

7. For the Traveler.

A passport holder. They come in dazzling colors and are the perfect accessory for avid globetrotters.

8. For the Business Traveler.

Adjustable water-filled travel weights. Stay fit on the road without the extra baggage.

9. For the Baker.

An essential all-in-one spice set to get you through the season.

10. For the Film Lover.

A scrapbook for movie lovers to make cinematic memories.

11. For the historian.

A DNA kit. What better way to learn about family history than from your genes?

12. For the Sleeper.

A luxury silk eye mask, so they always get a restful night’s sleep.

A constellation sleep mask in 12 patterns.

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