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Jul, 29, 2019

Eight Things Never to Say to a Bartender

Cocktails at our favorite bar:  The Ritz Hotel London, Rivoli Bar

Some customers can be nightmares. Give your bartender a break; it’s a tough gig. Here are some things not to say to the person behind the bar. 

  1. I don’t like alcohol. If you are a teetotaler, simply ask the bartender to suggest a nonalcoholic drink. Or ask for soda water or cranberry juice with a twist.
  2. Do you have an iPhone charger? The bartender is not your smartphone’s babysitter. Charge it before you leave home, or turn it off to save power.
  3. Can you transfer the check to our dinner table? This means you will be passing the bartender’s tip to your server. If you do ask for the check to be transferred, make sure you tip before you leave the bar.
  4. This drink is too weak. If you want more alcohol, order a second drink.
  5. Is this your day job? Believe it or not, bartending is a profession. It’s rude to suggest anything else.
  6. How much should I tip? Google it!
  7. Can you change the TV channel? The TV channel is the bar’s choice.
  8. Do you drink a lot because you work around alcohol? This is the equivalent of asking a salesperson at Saks if they spend all their money on clothes. It’s rude to ask any kind of server such a personal question.


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