10 Easy Ways to Welcome Overnight Guests | Golden Rules Gal

Apr, 25, 2022
1. Extra Credit.

Provide extras such as towels, slippers, and pillows.

2. Bedtime Comforts.

Go the extra step by placing a piece of chocolate and a water bottle in their room before bedtime.

3. Octane Provisions.

Show them where the coffee and tea are for breakfast so you can sleep in.

4. Extra Toiletries.

Always provide a fresh bar of soap in the bathroom and extra toilet paper.

5. Extra Touches.

If you have a robe and a blow dryer on hand, you’re the perfect host.

6. Give the Lay of the Land.

Show them where to find everything in case they wake up in the middle of the night.

7. Nightstand Reading.

Have some magazines and guide books available if they want to wander on their own.

8. Food Requests.

Ask if they have any food favorites or food allergies.

9. Our Home Is Your Home.

Ensure they have enough space to hang their clothes and put belongings.

10. Children Welcome.

If you have smaller guests in the house, provide them with coloring books, puzzles, and kid-approved snacks.

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