10 Things Not to Wear as a Wedding Guest | Golden Rules Gal

Apr, 18, 2022
1. White.

It’s the bride’s day to wear this color. You have 364 other days to do so.

2. Black.

It’s a wedding, not a funeral.

3. Evening Gown.

Even if the wedding is black tie, you will outshine the bride and all other guests.

4. Bold Patterns.

Keep the leopard motif for clubbing.

5. Trainers.

No matter how casual the wedding is, sneakers scream too casual.

6. Low-Cut Clothing.

Photos hide nothing, especially if revealed from the waist up.

7. Sheer Clothing.

If you can see through it, so can everyone else.

8. Denim.

Jeans are a wardrobe must-have, but never at a wedding even with a western theme.

9. Heavy Makeup.

Less is always more when it comes to makeup (and jewelry).

10. Opposite of The Wedding Dress Code.

It will be on the invite, so please follow it. When in doubt, it’s always better to be a bit overdressed than underdressed.

The color white is reserved for the bride and only the bride.

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