10 Simple Ways to Dress to Impress | Golden Rules Gal

Oct, 19, 2021

    Clean up your act when it comes to brows, eyes, nose, and ears. Remove any unwanted hairs.


    Black goes with everything, but typically colors that clash do not. Know the best colors that ‘suit’ your skin tone.


    Jewelry, watches, sunglasses, briefcases, and cufflinks fit into this category.

    Know the Dress Code.

    When in doubt, always dress for the occasion. If you are unsure, dress up, not down.


    They should outshine you.

    Stand Out For The Right Reason.

    Be memorable and always wear your clothes with confidence.

    Understand Your Fit.

    We all come in many different shapes and sizes, so make sure your clothes are well-tailored.

    Quality Counts.

    No subscription is required, but make sure your clothes fit, even if you have just a few outfits.

    Versatility Counts.

    Mix and match what you own to adapt to many ‘looks’ for different functions or activities.

    Be Stylish vs. Trendy.

    Trends come and go, but style is here to stay. So if your look is a blazer, slacks, and a crisp shirt – stick with it!

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